The Value in Collecting SNES Games

SNES games can often be valuable collectibles because of their scarcity. At the same time, SNES cartridges are rather durable investments, having been known to withstand a fair amount of abuse and still run perfectly well when entered into the console.

SNES collectible games can fall into several categories. Some games are collectible because they have become cult classics over time. Earthbound, for example, did not have much commercial success when it was originally released in America, so only a limited supply of copies exists. Now, however, the game has become popular among classic gamers, and it can be valued from 60 to 150 dollars.

Other SNES collectible games have become valuable, because they are the first in a long series of games. Harvest Moon was first published on SNES and has achieved greater commercial success on other consoles. The cartridge is thusly in high demand amongst collectors and gamers interested in the original release, similar to a first edition collectible. These cartridges can be found from 50 to 180 dollars.

Other SNES games are in high demand, because they receive wide acclaim from the gaming community for being some of the greatest games of all time, even being released with limited graphic capabilities. Chrono Trigger falls into this category, because its story and game play still secure the game a premium spot in most best-of lists from the game development community. Chrono Trigger has received so much acclaim that it garnered a re-release on the Nintendo DS, and its original SNES cartridges sell for 20 to 200 dollars.

Other games are collectible as limited editions and special releases. Donkey Kong Country, for example, received a special release through Blockbuster Video “Tournaments.” These “competition cartridges” were never released commercially, but often were added to the bargain bins at Blockbusters or released through Nintendo Power, as with Star Fox: Super Weekend. These collectibles can be sold for over 200 dollars.

SNES cartridges can potentially be very valuable collectibles, as they are still in high demand in the active cult gaming community, while often being in scarce supply. It is somewhat risky to trade SNES games through eBay, where you cant be sure you’re getting the best price, but it would be beneficial to keep track of what the cartridges are worth, in case you frequent yard sales or bargain bins.

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