Type of Spy Cameras

Surveillance jobs can be done in an easy and simple way with the use of wireless spy camera. There will be no need to be at a particular location just to do the job and check things out. It also offers cost advantage compared to other security systems that require installation of wires or cables.

Choosing the right wireless spy camera can be difficult because of the several types existing in the market today. In addition, the quality of the image and the range of transmission are other factors that should also be considered before purchasing. Quality cameras offer more security to your loved ones and your properties or valuables. They can even be used as useful tools to catch cheating spouses.

Here are some types of wireless spy cameras, their features, and advantages to help you choose what suits to your needs.

Mini and Micro Spy Cameras

These are very small cameras that can be easily hidden in most common items like clocks, lampshades, picture frames, or fire alarms. They can also be disguised as buttons, pens, watches, and other unsuspicious items. They are very portable and they are capable of taking close-up video footage and video of people without their knowledge that they are being filmed. These camera types are excellent in providing covert video surveillance both on the go, and in a home security setting.

Hidden Nanny Camera

This hidden spy camera is usually used by working parents who leave their children to the care their nannies. Since there were several reports about abusive caregivers, parents have become anxious. Installing a nanny spy camera in their homes have become the best option to ensure that they can monitor how their children are being taken care of by their caregivers.

Spy Pinhole Camera

This small device is capable of recording videos in either black and white or in color. It also has an internal microphone to record audio as well. It may appear as small as a cent coin but it is capable of sending signal as far as 1000 ft., powered by 9V battery. It can be positioned or placed almost anywhere because of its size. Radios, lamps, decorative stuffs, and clocks are among the most commonly used household items where a pinhole spy camera is attached.

Spy Sunglass

This amazing type of sunglasses has a removable spy sunglass lens which allows the user to see what is behind him without the need of turning his head. It is also equipped with a font-looking camera between the lenses in the nose piece. The frame is made of lightweight material. It provides protection from harmful UV rays and a venting system that eliminates lens fogging. It can also function just like any ordinary sunglasses.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the type of spy cameras available.  This covers the main types though, and if you plan on doing some covert surveillance you will likely be using one of the above types of cameras.

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