Types Of Outdoor Security Cameras: Which One Is Right For You?

Crime is common in any community. Everyone, poor or rich, can fall prey to damages and theft. This is why we need to be constantly vigilant and avail of measures to ensure our property’s safety. Investing money and resources for such precautions is a very wise choice.

Homes and businesses are now being kept safe by mechanical eyes called security cameras. They may be installed at tactical locations that allow maximum view of locations you need to monitor so they can be kept safe 24/7. Even at the mere sight of a security camera can deter crime from happening.

There are three types of security cameras. Namely, they are the Dome cameras, C Mount cameras and Bullet cameras. Among the three, the Dome camera is the most versatile and durable camera you can choose. It is probably the best camera you want to pick for your home or business.

Dome cameras are often seen in high security places. To name some, it is usually present in banks, casinos, malls, elevators and such places. You’ve probably seen them a lot but never realized that they were cameras.

These cameras are designed to be encased in a dome. This dome protects the camera from attempts at vandalism. The dome is durable enough to withstand a hammer and sealed enough to keep moisture and other elements of nature out. Every camera is fragile, but not one that’s encased in a hard shell.

Two types of dome cameras exist. The first one is probably the best, but more expensive, type. It is the PTZ camera or the Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera. Living by its name, the PTZ camera is very flexible. It can zoom, twist and turn within its dome for added range of vision. The second type is the inexpensive Fixed camera. Unlike the PTZ version, this camera only stays put on one position.

Dome cameras in the market may vary from a price range of between $40 – $300. It mainly depends on the features the camera offers. There are a lot of features that can be integrated with the camera. Technology like night-vision, motion detection or infrared LED illumination are just some of the features. You need to decide what kind of specification you need to fit your needs. This is why this camera is practically the best and most versatile camera you can choose.

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