Used Laptop Checkup List

A used laptop is a conventional way of getting a computer for a discounted price. It is relatively widespread view though, that all used laptops are a pile of junk and not worth getting. This is simply not true, but I’d add a few points to check before buying one to make sure nobody makes the same mistakes over and over again.

Used laptops can be in really various stages of their lifetime. There are people who sell their 2 months old basically brand new dell or hp laptop for 2/3rd of the price because the manufacturer announced a new model and they feel the urge to buy that right away and they don’t care about money all that much. These are the notebooks you will be looking for mainly, but notice that these are fairly new computers, so the price, even if relatively low, may be high for what you’re willing to pay for a ‘used’ laptop.

Second type is renew or refurbished computers we’re looking for. These are tested and repaired by the company that makes them. It’s pretty safe to buy a refurbished laptop, usually there was one former owner and they didn’t like it for whatever reason, or simply returned it to warranty repair and got a replace unit. I’d keep an eye open for cracks, scratches though and look up the model on various forums and reviews before buying, but that’s just me being paranoid I suppose.

Third category where people get their ideas about used laptops. These are second hand computers from the owner directly. There are shady people out there trying to sell everything they can put their hands on; make sure you have checked every little tiny detail down to the state of hinges, looseness of keys and general assembly quality. Cracking or whistling noises while the laptop is operating are not normal, you shouldn’t give money for such a laptop.

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