VTech Kidizoom Camera Basics

This is a guest post by Chloe from Ben 10 Alien Force Toys.

What child doesn’t like to snap, snap away on a camera? After all there are lots of buttons to press and it makes a change to be on the fun end rather than just having to smile at one. But what parent doesn’t cringe while their little one is playing with their expensive piece of kit? Well the new VTech camera – the Kidizoom – may be the answer. It gives your child the chance to own their own camera and is built with children in mind so will stand their rough treatment.

Available in two colours, both boys and girls will be happy with either a blue or pink variety. The grips that children will use to hold the camera are made of rubber so are not slippy. In fact the design is perfect for little hands to hold and the buttons are easy to use. It weighs less than a tin of baked beans but it not that small so does not really fit into a pocket. As such a carrying bag is recommended.

The Kidizoom allows children to frame a shot just as they have seen you do with your camera. They can either look at the display screen to ensure they are capturing just what they want to before they press go or bring the viewfinder to their eye and press the button. There are actually two viewfinders so they do not need to use just one eye while closing their other one; they can keep both eyes open, ideal for children. The view is not perfect but quite bright and sizeable making it easy to adjust. The display screen is 1.8 inches and colour and can be used to play in built games as well as previewing your pictures.

If you are going to buy a Kidizoom for your child make sure you do not forget the 4AA batteries that it takes as they are not included. You may also want to pick up a cheap SD card to increase the camera’s memory from 16MB to 2GB. Children snapping away at all and sundry will soon fill up the standard internal memory.

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