What is Your Device to Stay Awake While Driving?

Different people have different ideas of what a driver alert device is. Some think of their spouse who is driving with them as their own personal device to stay awake while driving if they chatter continuously? Other drivers rely on a recurrent noise coming from their engine or brakes. The problem with both these crutches is that any repetitious noise can turn into a drone and in fact stimulate exhaustion. Designating someone who is driving with you as the one to keep you awake is not a permanent solution since you probably drive alone fairly often. You may want to consider a stay awake device to do the job for you but remember that the most important thing is always to stay aware of your personal signs of fatigue and react to those promptly by pulling over.

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An inexpensive gadget on the market is a battery driven alarm, worn over the ear and set off as soon as your head tips forward.  The alert  can be often be customized to either vibrate or ring a bell or both.  However, if the gadget fails to respond or responds too slowly the consequences could be grave. If the you are so sleepy that your head is dropping off, it is smarter to pull your car over to have a break.  Every driver must know their own limitations and how much rest he/she requires to recharge to a state of alertness.

Whether at the wheel of a car on freeways, or sitting in the cab of heavy equipment, the best sensor of drowsiness is the driver’s awareness of his physical condition.

When the pace seems to be go go go, and on top of that the journey you need to travel is extended, dull, and maybe it’s even very hot outside, it is not exceptional for waves of sleepiness to wash over the person behind the wheel.  Rest is so crucial to alertness that if necessary it needs to be penciled into a daily schedule.

A driver alert device does have a place when used as a cue only and not to replace needed sleep.  Donning the driver alert with sunglasses could be a wise precaution against unintended nodding off, even with the best preparation. Those working two jobs, varying shifts, or even teenagers to whom sleep is sometimes forgotten, could find a stay awake device, when used habitually, a tool but not a crutch.

There are many other uses for a stay awake device. Anyone with a night job or a repetitive type of job that puts them to sleep can benefit from such a gadget.  Some examples are security guards, college students in class after a night of cramming or even cab drivers waiting for a fare. When boredom is a challenge, this gadget can help.

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