What Tools Do You Need for Computer Repair?

You’ve spent hours putting together the computer of your dreams, and you take great pleasure in using it on a daily basis.  But what happens if you go to turn it on, and nothing happens, or it turns on, but it’s behaving strangely?  Your diy computer is sick, and without a manufacturer’s warranty, you’re going to have to troubleshoot and repair the issue, or bring your baby to someone else to do it for you.

If you’ve narrowed the cause down to something hardware related, you’re going to have to venture into diy computer repair.  There are some general tools you’re going to have to do for basic computer repair and maintenance.  Having built your computer yourself, you should have some of these tools on hand already.

Remember, computer components are small, and so are the pieces and parts that hold them together.  You can’t simply grab your toolkit from the garage; you’re going to need small, specialized tools for the job.  These tools include a small set of both phillips head, and flat head screw driver.  You may also need some very specific kinds of screwdrivers like a triwing, square and star.  You’re also going to need a small set of hex wrenches, as well as small sockets and socket wrench in both standard and metric sizes.

If you’re really planning on getting into the guts of your computer, you may be required to do some rewiring.  You’ll need some standard electronics tools like a soldering iron, and solder, wire strippers, a crimping tool, a small multimeter, electrical tape, and cable ties.

Speaking of electricity, a small static shock, like what you might receive when reaching for the doorknob on a cold day, can really wreak havoc on the inner workings of your computer, so it’s important to have a properly grounded wristband in your kit, and make sure you wear it at all times while working inside your computer.

Some other handy things to have are a small flashlight (perhaps one that can slip the side of the computer), and some spare hardware like screws, and washers.

All of these items are conveniently sold in pre-made kits, but some people like to piece them together themselves so they have exactly what they need – no more, no less.  This can be a cheaper option, but it’s often much easier to simply buy the complete kit.  It’s really up to you and your personal preference.

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