Who Needs a Mobile Phone With Large Buttons?

These days when we buy mobile phones, we look for modern technology, intricate software, sleek-designs and so on and so forth. Simple handsets with bulky keypads are neither used nor in fashion. Then why such phones are still manufactured by some mobile companies and who buys them? The answer is the senior citizens.
Well, in this age of fast evolving technology we tend to forget about the old people. They need phones too, so why not give them handsets that they will be able to use unlike the complicated ones. Certain cell phone manufactures have studied the growing demand of simple phones for the elderly people, who in turn make a potential consumer market.
To understand why senior people need simple phones, you need to understand why they can’t use modern handsets.
Modern mobiles are complicated. A problem very commonly experienced by the seniors is the different levels of menu arrangement in the phones. They fail to keep a track and as a result lose interest in using such phones.
Then comes the keypad settings. Modern day mobile phones have very intricate key arrangement, which calls for nimble fingers and excellent eye-hand co-ordination. This causes too much of inconvenience to old people.
Now, it is commonly seen that with age problems like reduced vision, hearing and other physical issues set in. With all such problems it becomes almost impossible for them to handle devices that have small buttons and display. So phones with simple keypad and larger buttons are definitely easier for them to use.
It can be of more help if the numbers on the keyboard are embossed. This helps people with very weak vision to figure out numbers just by touching the keypad. Therefore, simple features like these help the aged to understand and use there phones properly.
So to conclude, senior mobile phones are a blessing not only to the aged but also for anyone who have impaired sense of hearing or vision or both.
Martin Elmer is the editor of Seniormobiler. Here you can also read about Mobiltelefon store taster.

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