Why An XP Computer Hangs

In spite of Windows 7 proving to be a good quality upgrade, there are still an awful lot of XP computer owners that are putting off making the move. The downside of this is that these PCs can become increasingly faulty. This articles looks into one such fault where computer hangs/freeze on start up or normal operations to propose some remedies.

The root of these issues are usually due to one of four areas: viruses, software, resources or hardware.

Virus Problems

The presence of a virus can hog the CPU/internet connection as they use up processing power. Depending on which files they damage this can result in a computer hanging. Run a full scan, isolate the virus then repair any application damage.

Software Problems

Computer freezes can often be due to registry faults introduced by applications. Sometimes it is simply that you are using old, buggy software. Get the latest software updates (Windows update – under the XP computer Start menu, software vendor updates) and recheck the issue. If the registry is still damaged then you will need to resort to registry cleaning/repair tools like Reimage, Reg Cure or Registry Easy.

Resource Problems

You may have to face the fact that your XP computer hangs due to constraints on the CPU & RAM, Virtual Memory or disk space. Reduce the strain on these resources by reducing the number of open applications, increasing the paging file size and keeping at least 10% of your disk space free for Windows to operate.

Hardware Problems

Introducing new hardware to an old XP computer can often result in a hang if the device drivers do not fully support the OS. Check the hardware vendors site to get the latest drivers, check for known issues with XP and check their support tickets for any other XP related faults being reported.

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