Why You Need Cordless 2-Line Phones

Why would anyone ever want to own cordless 2 line phones? Before rejecting the idea outright, you should keep in mind that these phones can be very useful for you, especially if you have a large family or if you own a small business. At home, a cordless phone is very convenient because you don’t have to get all the wires tangled up. Also, you can move from room to room without fear of being disconnected (well, most of the time anyway!). If you have a big family, you probably need more than one phone line because of all the calls coming in (especially to the kids!). If you have two lines, you might put one phone on the first line and a second phone on the other line. Each phone can only use one line. If, however, your cordless phone had two lines, each phone could use either line! This means that you can answer both lines from the same phone or you can access either line that is available to make a call. The situation is similar in a small business. What a shame it is to miss a call because you only have one line at your office! Or worse yet, how awful it is when you have two lines, but the line that is ringing is not the one your cordless phone is connected to! You have to run through the office (or warehouse) looking for the phone that is ringing. With a two line phone, you can answer either line and use either line to dial out. If you connect your two line phone to a small phone system, you can use your cordless phone to access two analog stations as well as all the hold, transfer, forward, and voice mail features of your system. Get a two line phone that is cordless and simplify your life!Why You Need Cordless 2 Line Phones Why woul… Visit 2 line cordless phones and vacuum sealed bags for more information.

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