Why You Should Purchase a Netbook Compatible USB CD Drive

Netbook computers hold many advantages over bulkier, traditional laptops. They are small in size, light in weight and have long battery lives. For this reason, they are the perfect choice for those who require access to their computer when they are away from their office or desk. However, there is one apparent disadvantage to the netbook computer: the lack of optical disc drive. This fact may force some individuals to choose to purchase a traditional notebook over a netbook computer. However, you can purchase a netbook and an external CD /DVD drive. If you own a netbook or are considering purchasing one, let us discuss why you should consider buying one.

An external drive makes for easier installation of applications on to your netbook. While netbooks were marketed originally as platforms through which to access online applications, netbook computers are just as powerful as desktop computers which were manufactured several years ago. Netbooks are able to run a variety of business and/or personal applications including Microsoft Office which is a popular CD purchase. While it is perfectly possible to make use of another computer for the transfer files on to your netbook, the process of doing so is relatively complicated and will take a lot of time. An external drive enables you to install programs onto your netbook with ease.

An external CD drive in possession of a disc-writer (CD-R or DVD-R) will provide a simple yet effect means of backing up your netbook. The fact that the netbook is portable means that it is exposed to a greater number of risks in comparison to an average laptop. Regardless of the type of computer that you have, it is vital to back up your files on a regular basis. This is of greater importance if your computer is being carried around everywhere as this will inevitably be associated with a greater risk of damage. A DVD-R or CD-R can last over 50 years. This is a significantly longer lifespan than that of a standard hard drive. This means that the USB CD or DVD drive is an excellent way of archiving important files and information.

An external USB CD drive should be able to read DVDs can be attached up to netbooks to enable them to serve as DVD players on the go. The newest models are light in weight, meaning they can be transported with little difficulty and can run for a long time off an adequate netbook battery. This means that they can be used to watch TV shows or movies.

Although some people are happy to use their netbook in the absence of a USB CD drive, a device of this kind can provide the netbook owner with a wide range of benefits.

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