Work of Processors in Human World

Processor is an integral part of human life now because of the dependencies man have on them. Processor is a brain of any computer and used for main arithmetic processing of the computer. CPU is the most advance technology we use in homes as it is everywhere found, in computers, in mobiles, in vacuum cleaners as well as microwaves.  Processors got popular when Intel introduced first 32 bit processor in the modern world. From that point processors have been evolved a lot in the speed, cores and many aspects.

How processor works: Processor only knows the binary language and accepts the instruction in it. It works as a programming instructions and cpu process them to give desired output. CPU today can handle 64 bits at a time and we are advancing to the 128 bit processing also.

Use of processors in human held devices:

The processors today are used everywhere, whenever there is a need of brain in a equipment we use processors there also called sometimes as microprocessors.  We have used these microprocessors in cars, bikes, microwaves and at many more devices.

Power of today’s processors:

Today we have processor which runs at 4 GHZ stock speed and have 6 cores. Please note we are talking about the desktop processors here server processors are more advanced than desktop processors always. The fastest processor today runs at 4 GHz without over clocking and if we do over clocking on the processor it can reach up to 7-8 GHz with nitrogen cooling. The fastest one today has 6 cores and theoretically it has 12 due to the hyper threading technology Intel use.

Processors are our weapon of the bright future and every discovery following the next years will be possible due to these processors only. Thanks to Intel for bringing the processor era and enabling us for a greater future.

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