XBox Kinect Contends with the Wii

Microsoft’s preliminary introduction of its XBox Kinect last year means that Wii will get some serious competition in the market for motion sensing action games.  Wii and its accessories and games got a head start a few years ago. But XBox Kinect now offers some clear cut advantages that will be apparent to live action gamers.

For Microsoft this is brand new territory. Its offerings will hold big appeal for the traditional video game player including twitch gamers and role-playing fans.  While Microsoft has imitated Wii in some regards, its inclusion of motion-sensing equipment opens up a whole new world to XBox users.  With its Kinect, it bypasses Wii players’ need to purchase extras by including more in the original product. In some ways it is easier to come second in the market; you can learn from those who have gone before.  Kinect Games builds off successful ideas used earlier in the Wii.

Fitness Evolved, for example, takes its place in direct competition to Wii Fit.  The advantage of XBox Kinect lies in the fact that no additions are needed for players to start upping their fitness levels immediately.  Other companies are tying in with Kinect versions of such Wii staples as The Biggest Loser and Kinect Zumba Fitness.   Kinect’s Joy Ride offers similar features and game play as the Mark Kart.  Kinectimals lets you adopt and take care of a virtual pet just like Ninetendodogs.

Nintendo was once the big number when it came to innovations in motion-sensing games.  XBox Kinect looks like it will become a major contender.  Being first on stage has some advantages, but it also means finding out which games and accessories do not have much appeal.  Wii completed that dirty job.  Not it is up to XBox Kinect and Kinect Games to step up and prove their mettle in the market by bringing out great quality games with wide scale appeal.

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